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IntelliStore Product Line


IntelliStore 1000


This is our standard Li-Ion-battery based mobile energy storage system. The energy of 384 pieces of 1.000 Ah cells is loaded to or charged from the network through two specifically developed bi-directional, high-capacity inverters with 250 kW capacity each.

The solution is optimized for ancillary purposes (secondary, tertiary) - thus the storage enhances the balancing capability of the grid, giving more flexibility to TSO/DSO operations.

IntelliStore 2500


This is an enhanced version of the IntelliStore 1000 system. Its two 500 kW inverters are able to create a bridge-time of 2.5 hours when combined with the 960 pieces of 1.000 Ah Li-Ion batteries. Just as its smaller brother, the IntelliStore 2500 comes with a unique, proprietary battery management system (BMS) - installed at two controllers for each cell - giving the operator the certainty that no cell is ever overcharged or unused. Due to its size the container does not contain the batteries - which can be placed in an external rack system.

IntelliStore Multi


The IntelliStore Multi solution will consist of up to 5 containers: one "head-unit" entailing the monitoring and control functions, the drivers and the invertors. Up to 4 independent storage containers with a total of 6 MWh stored energy can be linked to the head-unit.

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