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Inverter Technology

Our proprietary bi-directional 250 kW inverter system has recently received a yet higher capacity twin: our brand new bi-directional inverter is capable of handling 500 kW. This unique system will be the bare-bone of our IntelliStore 2500 as well as our custom-built storage systems.

Some of its features:


  • 32 bit floating point DSP

  • 12 bit resolution of controlled signals

  • Remote control through fiber optic with ModBus protocol

  • AC/DC converter with EMC and harmonic filters

  • Galvanic isolation with built-in power transformer

  • Easy connection to utility grid, compact design

  • Battery charging and supply to grid modes

  • Supports power quality by harmonic and reactive power compensation

  • Protection against unintended islanding operation

  • Protection against out of tolerance situations for frequency and voltage amplitude

  • Short circuit protection

  • Flicker compensation with automatic reactive power injection

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