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BMS Technology

Battery based storage only works if everything is exactly defined to the smallest detail. The value of the built-in batteries must be preserved - all of the batteries must be charged and discharged to the optimal load levels. The electric currents coming from and going to the inverters - as well as each of the cells' level of charge, temperature and voltage must be monitored individually. For this purpose we use our proprietary Battery Management System - "BMS".


Each cell is equipped with such a small computer - making sure that all of the cells are working properly and the system runs smoothely. In addition, we are able to detect malfunctions or disfunctional cells immediately.


Some of the features:


  • 32 bit processor for measurement, communication and current control

  • High resolution 16 bit A/D converters for voltage and temperature measurement

  • 10A balance current

  • Wireless communication

  • Easy mounting, no extra cooling unit is required

  • Redundancy capability. Install two or more units in parallel

  • Even 1’000+ cells can be handled simultaneously

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