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Virtual Power Plant and Micro Grid Solutions


VPP, Micro Grids


There has been a lot of discussion around the necessity and the advantages of so called "Micro Grid Solutions". These can be characterised as closed-loop systems comprising electricity users and generators with the objective to supply and utilize locally generated electricity. Micro grids can be linked to transmission networks - but ideally only to "export" surplus electricity and "import" electricity in case the local generation is not sufficient to meet local demand. The missing link - thus far - has been the storage- and regulation-capability. With our IntelliStore solutions we provide the missing ink.



Our IntelliStore systems used in micro grids can be combined with the functionality to provide uninterrupted power source capabilities. Each storage unit - while serving as UPS for a critical electricity user - can be linked via our proprietary virtual power plant software and control system - and be used as a high capacity power plant. Say, e.g., that within one micro-grid there are 5 IntelliStore 1000 storage containers used as singular UPS'. Once linked with our VPP, system operators can access them as one 5MWh "generator" - while each of the UPS users can "block" minimum availability for the UPS function.

Points of Reference


  • Currently 420 MW installed capacity in Eastern Europe

  • Users include Dalkia, E.ON, RWE

  • VPN-Configuration

  • Modular, scalable platform

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For exact calculations do not hesitate to contact us - and tap into our engineering expertise.

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