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We know energy storage

Battery Based Storage


We specialize in planning, developing and building state-of-the-art Li-Ion battery based storage systems. Mobile or stationary. High capacity. With full connectivity to high-voltage grid. Able to be part of the TSO grid system. Certified by TÜV.

IntelliStore storage systems.



Virtual Power Plant


Our Virtual Power Plant solutions are geared towards operators running smaller generation sites, heterogeneous generation landscapes, and complex optimized electricity systems. Able to control up to 200 sites, the solution is focusing on optimizing the usage of each site, giving the highest yield to the operator, while combining the sites into one virtual entity - thus giving an efficient TSO access to the sites.



While we focus mainly on the development of systems for usage within the electricity generation and storage industry, we also provide logistics and intermediary services for energy trading and logistics companies. Including electricity and natural gas we focus on customers in the Centrel and Easter European Region.



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